At morning, when we wake up the first thing is we lie. A day starts with the lie no matter what we promise to do or make anything better. If you think it is unfair that we lie often, just look at your surrounding may be its time you haven’t found out what the real thing is in there or you have been surrounded by the fake truth of the world being always good. That my friend is ultimate lie.
Usually what i do in my morning schedule is i often finish my work in what timely manner called “very alchhi”. I live in rented flat like 30 km far from my home and I start my day in some nasty breakfast work in the kitchen and start focusing my eye in the 15” monitor that acts like as if the whole world is there. Crack that is not even the case. I lie to the every repository, my every blog, my every emails, my every evenly twitter timeline  which i will contribute over them but i just stay lazy and watch some youtube stuff. Then sometimes if it is college time, at around 7 am i get almost ready and walk up to college that is up like 10 min far and reaching at 7:20-7:30 am, i again lie to the gate-keeper saying i had to travel all those miles and i couldn’t be here in time. Sometimes its the lab and i remember the stuff what i did while thinking to start that lab or that assignment or that stuff , then i again lie to the teacher saying i could have email to you but it went to wrong address even though i know i haven’t done it right away. Ziz so many lie! 
Lets add some memorable lie again to this list: Sometimes mom calls me and asks me what i eat this afternoon, i don’t simply tell her i ate mo:mo and didn’t attend college today and went for some movie that was a worth waiting for long time. I again lie. After sometime papa asks if i have been attending college and getting good scores, i don’t tell him i just finished this week test worse than ever and heck i didn’t even wrote a single letter in the paper. LIE LIE TOO MUCH!!
Lets not forget the fact that lying is not good. But always in life the truth wont matter and the lie wont be bad. We lie too much in the life. But who wont lie? Let me ask you, what do you think of lying? I tell you my friend it is not bad always. Sometimes we have to lie and be good to other like it was never a lie. Sometimes truth is never a way to express to real fact. Sometimes you have to lie and make people comfortable. Sometimes we just have to and lie ourself to make sure everything is right.
Sometimes we have to lie and sometimes we must lie. :)