Far Away Love!

the north side,
laid your home!
Far away in the distance
all i could saw,
the tip of your house!
the burning chimney
of whose smoke travelled,
to my house,
like a message!
Wrapped with your love,
With your care,
And everything i could imagine!

I sat down on my rooftop,
waiting everyday!
Thinking you have been,
in your room
Reading my old text,
Missing me,
Loving me,
And here i was,
dying to see,
your face
your eyes!
i once dived so deep!
i once lost myself in it!
And everything i could have got!

Alas, the time wasn't fair!
Betraying you from me,
And taking you from me,
But still,
i looked to your home,
far away in north,
far away in my heart,
yet you lied
So close
yet so far!
Sailed into the time!
Until there was no smoke,
No flame!

Suddenly it went,
All it was just a dream
Just like a blank page,
page that was never full!
full it was my mind
And Fool i was!
Broken but still
Here i am,
loving you,
love so far,
In far away love!


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